Rose Madder, The Builder

Hello all. So, this piece was for a friend of mine for her 30th Birthday. Rosie has been building/doing up her ole house in Norwich, which, back in history used to be either a pub/abatoir/butchers. Whilst stripping the walls back to its original foundations, Rosie had striped back 300 years worth of manual labor (hay&mud walls!) Anyhoo, long story short, its a beautiful house, and an awesome effort put in by the gal!



Circus Clown Line work

Line work done in Manga Studio debut 4, I recently got as I wanted a program that would give me better line quality, as I was finding PS a little crap in that area…. colour to follow…



White Rhino….

A small illustration of a White Rhino and his pinup….  

Roller Derby T-Shirt Design…

So, Roller Derby recently set up a competition, to design a T-Shirt. The prize is 25 printed shirts for your team. So far, I have 71 ‘Likes’ on Facebook – Manchester Roller Derby, have over 100, so I think I’m in second place at the mo, (though, I dont think I’d want a T-Rex shagging a Unicorn as a T, would you?) Here’s my design…

Derby, Or Not Derby

Happy New Year!

Heres hoping 2012 is a prosperous one for you all! x

Fan Art…

I dont usually do fant art, (as some people do it better than me!) but couldnt resist doing a Hit Girl!